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Customer Testimonials…


It’s AMAZING to see my LIPA meter running BACKWARDS!  My 6 kW system was installed and instantly started saving me money.

I’ve even given my kids an incentive to save electricity, I’ve promised to split the money LIPA will OWE ME at the end of the year with them. You can’t imagine the sight of kids competing with each other to SHUT OFF lights & electronics.

The installation crew was professional, neat, courteous, and quicker than I expected. The panels look GREAT on the house and we feel good about doing our share to SAVE the environment!

S. Smith
East Islip, NY



I highly recommend National Photovoltaics. 

Their knowledgeable staff confidently progressed from the quote to the installation of my complete solar system. 

The did a professional job, lowered my electric bill, and increased the value of my home.

J. Mason



We just finished the Solar Tour 2004 and its great to hear from all the visitors how much they like your work the best.  Everything is neat and organized, clean and labeled.  I did a lot of shopping around before I decided on your company and I’m glad I did.  I got a great price and top quality workmanship.  Congratulations on your great company.  Thank you for all the good work you are doing for the economy and the environment.   Thank you for the compact florescent light bulbs.  I know they use one quarter of the power, and I don’t see any difference in the light.  I am recommending your company to everyone I know.

Holbrook, NY



I love my 6-kilowatt PV system.  My Dad loves math and updates his calculations every week after reading the meter.  I can’t believe how much we’ll save over the lifetime of the system.  If LIPA rates continue to rise as the have over the past 20 years, the system will make over one millions dollars worth of electricity. It’s a great feeling to know my children will grow up in this house without ever having to pay for electricity, and that they will enjoy clean air because of this wonderful technology.  I just received my ninth $500 US savings bond for just telling my friends about this great deal.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Holbrook, NY






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